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About Freny

Dr Kalapesi graduated medicine from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and undertook her prevocational work at Westmead and Prince of Wales Hospitals in Sydney. She undertook her Part 1 Ophthalmology Examinations during this period. She achieved a Doctor of Philosophy, PhD (2002-2007), at UNSW in laboratory basic ophthalmic research. Freny trained as an Ophthalmology Registrar (2005-2010) based at the Prince Of Wales Hospital, Randwick; the workplace of the well-renowned Fred Hollows.

Dr Kalapesi undertook 2 years of further fellowship experience in the United Kingdom. Her first fellowship was at the Royal United Hospital, in the beautiful city of Bath in General Ophthalmology with experience in Cataract, intravitreal treatment for Macular degeneration, Diabetic retinopathy, Strabismus surgery and Paediatrics but with a special interest in Oculoplastics.

After this Dr Kalapesi took on her 2nd fellowship at the Bristol Eye Hospital, as the Oculoplastics and Orbital fellow. During this year, she gained vast surgical experience in the management of lid, lacrimal and orbital conditions. She was an investigator for the CIRTED Trial investigating the role of immunosuppression and radiotherapy in thyroid eye disease. She also ran weekly multidisciplinary orbital meetings. Dr Kalapesi has attended several international meetings and courses, presented at numerous local and international meetings and trained registrars overseas and in Australia.


She has published 14 articles on various topics in ophthalmology.  

She is a consultant surgeon at Westmead Public Hospital, is attached to Lifehouse Chris O Brien and is an honorary VMO at RPA hospital. She works via various private clinics and hospitals in and around Sydney. 


Freny Kalapesi High Resolution Verve Pho


  • Cataract Surgery

  • Oculoplastic Disorders

  • Lid Malposition: Ptosis, ectropion, entropion, lid retraction

  • Periocular Skin Cancers: Surgical Management incl. Excision & Reconstructions

  • The Watery Eye/Epiphora

  • Facial Nerve palsy: Gold and platinum weight lid loading, lower lid elevation, midface lifts

  • Thyroid Eye Disease: Management of Active Inflammatory disease with medical & other therapies

  • Surgical Management of Lid/ Strabismus and Orbital Sequelae

  • Orbital Inflammatory Disease: Sarcoid, Wegeners, IgG4, idiopathic

    • Orbital Malignancy

    • Socket management

    • Cosmetic: blepharoplasty of the upper & lower eyelids, use of botulinum toxin A

    • Blepharitis: IPL Treatment


  • General Ophthalmology:

    • Aviation vision assessment,

    • Blepharitis and Dry Eye management

    • Glaucoma management -Medical/Laser Glaucoma management,

    • Uveitis assessment and management

    • diabetic eye reviews including Intravitreal Treatment

    • macular degeneration inc intravitreal treatment

    • Vein occlusions

More About Freny

  • Freny enjoys individualising care to her patient
  • She enjoys travelling around to various practices meeting people of varied cultures and backgrounds. 
  • She enjoys engaging with optometrists, other medical subspecialties and the patient's GP to coordinate patient care
  • ​Freny is married with 3 children who she loves to spend her downtime with
  • She enjoys travel and holidays with her family and catching up with friends
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